Episode no.84 (Best of 2016) by Funky Diabetic – 1200MIX


Another year, another ”Best of”. Thanks to all you supporting! Wish you all a great 2017 and hope you continue hitting us up here and on Instagram @1200.nu. Next year will be our 10th year yo! Make sure to spread the word! All the best to you and yours! Peace!

[01] DJ Menace – As Far As Rap Goes feat. Royce Da 5’9″ & DJ Eclipse
[02] CookBook & Evidence – TBH feat. DJ Babu
[03] Eloh Kush & Dus – B-Boy Bonanza feat. John Robinson, El Da Sensei, AG & StaHHr
[04] Joker Starr, Micall Parknsun, Si Phili – No Comparisons (Leaf Dog Remix)
[05] Masta Ace – 3000 Avenue X feat. Your Old Droog
[06] Torae – Crown feat. 3D Na’tee
[07] Fliptrix – The Chronic
[08] Aesop Rock & Homeboy Sandman – Oatmeal Cookies
[09] Lyric Jones & Rah Digga – Ski Mask Way feat. DJ Eclipse
[10] Havoc & The Alchemist – Just Being Me
[11] Pearl Gates – Symphonic
[12] Blaq Poet – Eternal Flames feat. Tragedy Khadafi
[13] Broken Home – Home Run Derby
[14] Your Old Droog – Just Rhymin’ feat. Styles P & Joey Bada$$
[15] Reef the Lost Cauze & Bear-One – You Know Me Well
[16] PhybaOptiks – Full English feat. SmooVth & Hus Kingpin
[17] Sonnyjim – Hardwork
[18] DJ Joe Bodega – Mentally Decapitated feat. U.G., Sean Price & Sadat X
[19] WestSide Gunn – Pissy Work feat. Benny
[20] D.I.T.C. – Connect 3 feat. Diamond D, A.G. & O.C.
[21] Rapsody – Crown
[22] Sick Jacken – Generation Psycho
[23] Lewis Parker – Release the Stress
[24] P.So & 2 Hungry Bros – Open Palm Strike feat. Homeboy Sandman & K. Gaines
[25] Beneficence – EZ as 1-2
[26] Apollo Brown & Skyzoo – Basquiat On The Draw feat. WestSide Gunn & Conway
[27] Homeboy Sandman – Talking (Bleep)

Total running time: 01h 01m 26s

—- —- —- —-


Episode no.83 by Funky Diabetic – 1200MIX


Thanks for checking an episode by yours trully the Funky Diabetic. Big up to the Homeboy Sandman & Aesop Rock for the Lice Two: Still Buggin’ release (and free download!) earlier this month! Shouts to Soul Survivor, DJ Clae, Osten af, Freddie Cruger a.k.a. Red Astaire, DJ Grass & Nasty Nate for keeping the culture alive and healthy around my block! Peace to Fasching and our Judit & Bertil family!

[01] Osten af – The Avengers feat. Masta Ace, Afrika Baby Bam, Kashal-Tee, Prop Dylan & Coco Rouzier
[02] Reks – Gone Baby Gone
[03] Lyric Jones & Rah Digga – Ski Mask Way feat. DJ Eclipse
[04] Vinnie Paz – The Void feat. Eamon
[05] Sick Jacken – Absynthe
[06] Ras Kass – Reverse Engineering feat. O.C. & Torae
[07] Apollo Brown & Skyzoo – One In The Same feat. Patty Crash
[08] Blu & ScienZe – Assassin
[09] Aesop Rock & Homeboy Sandman – Mud
[10] Lewis Parker – Release the Stress
[11] Chillman – Get Live feat. Leaf Dog
[12] Fliptrix – The Chronic
[13] Aesop Rock & Homeboy Sandman – Oatmeal Cookies
[14] Freeway – Primates
[15] The Higher Up – Halftime feat. Breeze Brewin
[16] Sonnyjim – 24 Karat feat. DJ Nonames
[17] Beneficence – Make It Hot (Jingle Jangle 2.0) feat. The Legion & Dres
[18] Boonie The Kid – A Few Levels Higher
[19] Daniel Son – Isiah Thomas
[20] Tha Addicts – Bars Inc. feat. KXNG Crooked
[21] Tanya Morgan – Clappas (Clap It All)

Total running time: 58m 15s

—- —- —- —-


Aesop Rock & Homeboy Sandman – ”Lice Two: Still Buggin'”

För gratis nedladdning finns nu del 2 av ”Lice”. Ett samarbete mellan Rhymesayers Aesop Rock och Stones Throws Homeboy Sandman. ”Lice Two: Still Buggin'” består av 5 spår producerade av Aesop Rock, RTNC, Mondee, SoberMindedMusiC och Dan Hayden. Så småningom kommer det att släppas på vinyl men vill ni absolut bidra med flos, para, cash finns det ett par förslag av Aesop Rock och Homeboy Sandman via länk 1 och länk 2! Nedladdningen av Lice Two gör ni via denna länk.

Episode no.81 by Funky Diabetic – 1200MIX


Welcome to listen to the music and the conversation we had with Homeboy Sandman as we recorded episode no.81 live! We touched on Edan, Jimmy Fallon, Peanut Butter Wolf, Jake One, Pop Workshop, being on Stones Throw, etc.
Thanks to all those who came by and support the 1200.nu podcast! Thanks to Judit & Bertil for letting us crash their soffa! Again! Special thanks to Homeboy Sandman who joined us for the recording and who was super kind and humble! #juditochbertil #homeboysandman #juditbertil #strulfm #funkydiabetic #1200dotnu

[01] Homeboy Sandman – Extreme Measures (prod. by Ron Kain)
[02] Homeboy Sandman – Musician (prod. by M Slago)
[03] Finale – Just Due feat. Homeboy Sandman & Miz Korona (prod. by Oddisee)
[04] Homeboy Sandman – King of Kings feat. Moses Rockwell & P.So The Earth Tone King (prod. by Jah La Eer)
[05] Sadat X & Homeboy Sandman – X & Homeboy (prod. by Psycho Les)
[06] Homeboy Sandman – Kindness for Weakness (K-Nite 13)
[07] Homeboy Sandman – I Knew
[08] The 24 Carat Black – Foodstamps (prod. by Dale O. Warren)
[09] De La Soul – Rock Co.Kane Flow feat. MF DOOM (prod. by Jake One)
[10] Homeboy Sandman – Gun Control (prod. by Jake One)
[11] Edan – Run That Shit! (prod. by Edan)
[12] Homeboy Sandman – Talking (Bleep) (prod. by Edan)
[13] Pop Workshop – Equinox (prod. by Gert Palmcrantz & Wlodek Gulgowski)
[14] Homeboy Sandman – America, the Beautiful (prod. by Jonwayne)
[15] Homeboy Sandman – Meet the Mets
[16] Asher Roth – Lark On My Go-Kart (prod. by Oren Yoel & David Appleton)
[17] Homeboy Sandman – Same Number, Same Hood (prod. by 2 Kids from Pluto)
[18] DJ Spinna – Get On Down feat. Fresh Daily, P.Casso & Homeboy Sandman (prod. by DJ Spinna)
[19] De La Soul – Big Mouf (prod. by Supa Dave West)
[20] Charizma & Peanut Butter Wolf – Devotion (prod. by Peanut Butter Wolf)
[21] Dam-Funk & Steve Arrington – For the Homies (PB Wolf Edit) (prod. by Dam-Funk)
[22] Charizma and Peanut Butter Wolf – My World Premiere (instrumental) (prod. by Charizma and Peanut Butter Wolf)
[23] A Tribe Called Quest – Ham N Eggs (instrumental) (prod. by A Tribe Called Quest)

Total running time: 1h 09m 14s

—- —- —- —-


Homeboy Sandman – “America The Beautiful”

Från tunga ”Hallways” är denna både min mest och minst omtyckta spår från skivan! Jonwayne har proddat denna tunga beat och Homeboy Sandman levererar rhymesen som, enligt han själv, var ett tillfälle att uppmärksamma de sakerna han är tacksam för i Förenta Staterna.
Uppmanar verkligen er att skaffa denna. Sitter själv på en nedladdningskod som kom med när jag köpte LP:n. En engångsnedladdning i hög kvalité! Maila om intresserad!