Episode no.82 by Funky Diabetic – 1200MIX


Share and spread the latest podcast episode of 1200.nu! Check out the Beneficence record ”Basement Chemistry”. Also check out Tha Addicts! Their albums continue to be free downloads! ”Furious Styles” by Reef the Lost Cauze & Bear-One is a dope album too! Thanks to Akbar for the drop! Last but not least…gotta love the ”Beautiful Night” track by De La Soul! Welcome to share the soundcloud link if you like!

[01] DJ Joe Bodega – Mentally Decapitated feat. UG, Sean Price & Sadat X
[02] WestSide Gunn – Pissy Work feat. Benny
[03] Sadat X – Maybe It’s Me feat. Dres
[04] Powerule – Employees of the Year
[05] The Higher Up – FDYM
[06] White Owl – Pickle Juice
[07] Defari – West Up!!!!
[08] Tha Addicts – Irregular Regulars feat. Keynote of The Bodega Brovas
[09] Tenchoo & Ill Move Sporadic – Gimme Room
[10] De La Soul – Beautiful Night feat. Dave West
[11] Reef the Lost Cauze & Bear-One – Larry David
[12] Junior Makhno – Al Swearengemz feat. Spit Gemz
[13] Nutso – Live Respect Live
[14] I-Cue – Nu Era feat. Akbar
[15] Blak Flag – Revolvers
[16] Black Thought – Making a Murderer feat. Styles P
[17] Reef the Lost Cauze & Bear-One – You Know Me Well
[18] Blaq Poet – Eternal Flames feat. Tragedy Khadafi
[19] Beneficence – Blast This $hit! feat. El Da Sensei
[20] D.I.T.C. – Connect 3 feat. Diamond D, A.G. & O.C.

Total running time: 54m 07s

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Episode no.81 by Funky Diabetic – 1200MIX


Welcome to listen to the music and conversation we had with Homeboy Sandman as we recorded episode no.81 live! We touched on Edan, Jimmy Fallon, Peanut Butter Wolf, Jake One, Pop Workshop, being on Stones Throw, etc.
Thanks to all those who came by and support the 1200.nu podcast! Thanks to Judit & Bertil for letting us crash their soffa! Again! Special thanks to Homeboy Sandman who joined us for the recording and who was super kind and humble! #juditochbertil #homeboysandman #juditbertil #strulfm #funkydiabetic #1200dotnu

[01] Homeboy Sandman – Extreme Measures (prod. by Ron Kain)
[02] Homeboy Sandman – Musician (prod. by M Slago)
[03] Finale – Just Due feat. Homeboy Sandman & Miz Korona (prod. by Oddisee)
[04] Homeboy Sandman – King of Kings feat. Moses Rockwell & P.So The Earth Tone King (prod. by Jah La Eer)
[05] Sadat X & Homeboy Sandman – X & Homeboy (prod. by Psycho Les)
[06] Homeboy Sandman – Kindness for Weakness (K-Nite 13)
[07] Homeboy Sandman – I Knew
[08] The 24 Carat Black – Foodstamps (prod. by Dale O. Warren)
[09] De La Soul – Rock Co.Kane Flow feat. MF DOOM (prod. by Jake One)
[10] Homeboy Sandman – Gun Control (prod. by Jake One)
[11] Edan – Run That Shit! (prod. by Edan)
[12] Homeboy Sandman – Talking (Bleep) (prod. by Edan)
[13] Pop Workshop – Equinox (prod. by Gert Palmcrantz & Wlodek Gulgowski)
[14] Homeboy Sandman – America, the Beautiful (prod. by Jonwayne)
[15] Homeboy Sandman – Meet the Mets
[16] Asher Roth – Lark On My Go-Kart (prod. by Oren Yoel & David Appleton)
[17] Homeboy Sandman – Same Number, Same Hood (prod. by 2 Kids from Pluto)
[18] DJ Spinna – Get On Down feat. Fresh Daily, P.Casso & Homeboy Sandman (prod. by DJ Spinna)
[19] De La Soul – Big Mouf (prod. by Supa Dave West)
[20] Charizma & Peanut Butter Wolf – Devotion (prod. by Peanut Butter Wolf)
[21] Dam-Funk & Steve Arrington – For the Homies (PB Wolf Edit) (prod. by Dam-Funk)
[22] Charizma and Peanut Butter Wolf – My World Premiere (instrumental) (prod. by Charizma and Peanut Butter Wolf)
[23] A Tribe Called Quest – Ham N Eggs (instrumental) (prod. by A Tribe Called Quest)

Total running time: 1h 09m 14s

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