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Welcome to the podcast! These are mixes by DJ’s from the site. We offer new and old hip-hop from the perspective of dj’s trying to break music through. The site and the podcast are independent. The music is hand-picked without influence by mass-media.

You can download these mixes and episodes individually by using the links provided below.

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At the end of every year Funky Diabetic records the ”Best of…” episode in which some of the best tunes of the year are played. Check the ”Best of 2010”, ”Best of 2011”, ”Best of 2012”, the ”Best of 2013” part 1 & part 2, ”Best of 2014”, ”Best of 2015”, ”Best of 2016”, ”Best of 2017” and the ”Best of 2018” episodes.

Enjoy the music and spread the word!