The Podcast –

The Podcast –

Welcome to the podcast! This is the reason why the site even exists. Since 2007 we’ve been offering free music mixes to the public. These offer new and old hip-hop from the perspective of dj’s trying to break music through. The podcast is independent. The music is hand-picked without influence by mass-media.

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We think you’ll enjoy these mixes to most by listening to the music as the mix our DJ’s have mixed. However, we understand that services such as Spotify is the preference for many of you. We’ve there created a Hip-Hop Spotify list that we have loaded with many of the tunes we have offered on our podcast episodes. Note that not all the music is available on Spotify. We strongly recommend you to check the mixes on

Enjoy the music and spread the word!

Published 16/9/2022

We really like these tracks 2022 releases. Opening track by our good friend Freddie Cruger. R.I.P!

Published 5/5/2022

Episode no.113 offers a blend of fresh jams. The U.K. represents strong on this one. R.I.P. Paten Locke!

Published 14/2/2022

Some of our favourite Oddisee music and productions. Lots of goodies!

Published 14/11/2021

Big things come in a small package! Pretty much what the experience is about. This one contains a mix of new and old classics. 48 minutes of pure love!

Published 03/09/2021

Episode no.111 offers new music by some favourite artists of ours! Freeway, Homeboy Sandman, Georgia Anne Muldrow and Fashawn among many others.
Published 20/08/2021

Not too often we put together a mix of new and old. In this episode you get just that! Quelle Chris, Biz Markie, Heavy D and the Hurricane G! Lots of jewels! Episode no.110.
Published 01/07/2021

This is one of our favourite tribute shows! We’re very proud to invite to listen to our Stevie Wonder tribute.
Published 10/03/2021

Madlib’s released new music! And so has also OP and Bjarne B through the Swedish label David vs Goliath. And what about the last track on this episode by Lonnie Liston Smith & The Cosmic Echoes?!? Everything’s on episode no.109!
Published 02/01/2021

This was a painful show to record but of course we did it with all the love to the artist we all love! Your favourite rapper favourite rapper! R.I.P. MF DOOM.
Published 20/12/2020

We love these recordings! Mix wise they might no be our best ones but we love our vinyl records and we certainly love our 12′ with the sweet intrumentals versions! #beats