King Kashmere & Letherette – ”G-Cell”

King Kashmere and I must have just missed each other as he in 2006 released ”In The Hour Of Chaos” (Receptor Records) and I was moving back to Stockholm. I never managed to catch where The Iguana Man was hiding but thanks to the releases that’ve dropped over the last few years on High Focus have I been listening to King Kashmere and I’ve also been digging on early material. ”G-Cell” is new music released together with the production duo Letherette. Enjoy!

Episode no.113 by Funky Diabetic – 1200MIX

Finally a new new episode! The last few months have been pretty hectic on our headquarters. However, we’re back with a new episode and new music for your ears. Enjoy the sounds and spread the word. Peace!

[01] Max I Million – A Vibe Called Blessed
[02] eLZhi & Georgia Anne Muldrow – Amnesia
[03] Eternia & Rel McCoy – Praise
[04] Breeze Brewin – The Uninvited feat. Black Milk
[05] Emskee & Milkcrate – Comin’ To Get Ya
[06] Spit Gemz – New Scar
[07] Fashawn & Sir Veterano – Crown Royal feat. DJ Revolution
[08] Dynasty – Go Get It feat. Trumaine Lamar
[09] Tarik Robinson – Rotations
[10] Homeboy Sandman – Epiphany
[11] Pitch 92 – Iph-Ro feat. King Kashmere
[12] Paten Locke – Stupidsmart feat. Willie Evans Jr.
[13] Tom Caruana – The Beginning feat. Joker Starr & Skriblah DanGogh
[14] King Kashmere – Soul Calibur (’95 Mix)
[15] King Kashmere – Soul Calibur
[16] maticulous, Kev Brown & J Scienide – Close Range
[17] Paten Locke – Wrong Soup
[18] HUBBS – ’56 Formal
[19] Homeboy Sandman – Stand Up
[20] eLZhi & Georgia Anne Muldrow – King Shit (Say Word)
[21] HUBBS – Elfred Hitch

Total running time: 52m 50s

—- —- —- —-

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