Percee P & Chuck Chilla – ”Making Music”

I’m of the opinion that the term ”Legendary” is used way too often. Just ask Mello Music Group and Apollo Brown what I’ve expressed to them! However, when it comes to The Rhyme Inspector Percee P I feel pretty comfortable using the term. The track ”Making Music” is from the compilation ”Afro Picks vol.1” released by Culture Power 45 together with Cocoonmovemnents. The compilation features many known and less known artists and is available digitally and on vinyl through this link.

Episode no.101 by Funky Diabetic – 1200MIX

Episode no.101 features 21 tracks of super dope music! What’re your thoughts on the new Gang Starr track? The new Homeboy Sandman and the Cut Beetlez tracks are our favourites from this episode. Much love to Menteroja! This is probably the first time gets love on a track! Also shoutout to Theo3 a.k.a. Theology3 and producer Phat Tony who recorded the opening drop specially for us in 2013.

Theo3 drop. Produced by Phat Tony
[01] Rapsody – Oprah feat. Leikeli47
[02] KVBeats – Supreme Confidence feat. AG, Reks & Percee P
[03] Gang Starr – Family and Loyalty feat. J. Cole
[04] Nas – QueensBridge Politics
[05] Big Twins – Man Down feat. Ruste Juxx
[06] Da Buze Bruvaz – Double Action Portable Gatling
[07] Explizit One – Class Is in Session feat. Ruste Juxx, King Magnetic & Illa Ghee
[08] Nems – Heavy Metal
[09] Cut Beetlez – Bad News feat. The Good People
[10] Homeboy Sandman – Pussy
[11] Max I Million – Do It feat. Twizzmatic
[12] The Diceman – Nod & Drip
[13] Verb T & Pitch 92 – Tragedy & Comedy
[14] HUBBS – See You Baby
[15] Menteroja & Johnik – Mick & Sampler
[16] Donwill – The Easiest feat. Theory Hazit
[17] Max I Million – Another Morning feat. Blu
[18] Nas – The Art of It feat. J. Myers
[19] Tone Spliff – Got Wise feat. Sadat X
[20] Finale – Skill Set feat. Wordsworth, Supastition & DJ Stresh
[21] Stahhr – Go Time

Total running time: 55m 54s

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