Episode no.103 by Funky Diabetic – 1200MIX

On episode no. 103 we take it back to bringing music balance. Here’s a small introduction to super dope music. In case you still are not familiar with Crimeapple its time to do some searching! The project ”Wet Dirt” with DJ Skizz is wicked. The Nems ”Gorilla Monsoon” is also highly recommended. We definitely think you also should check the music released by Hubbs, Your Old Droog, Wordsworth, Certain.Ones, Blabbermouf and producer Tone Spliff. On this episode features two tracks by Pearl Gates. He’s travelling Europe with Masta Ace and Marco Polo. They’ll visit Fasching, Sweden on February 1st.

Finally, in case you haven’t got the memo, yours truly Funky Diabetic and Soul Survivor are back DJ:ing at Judit & Bertil. On January 25th you’ll find us behind the wheels of steel and you’re very welcome to join us.

[01] Cam The Downrocka & Lord Sina – Inshalla (Time Traveller)
[02] Blabbermouf & Sqb – Resonate
[03] Diamond D – The Three Kings feat. Erick Sermon & Havoc
[04] Black Moon – AHAAAA
[05] Crimeapple & DJ Skizz – Skeleton Key
[06] Your Old Droog – Jew Tang feat. Matisyahu
[07] Trpl-R – Higher Planes
[08] Certain.Ones – After Forever
[09] Ruste Juxx & Tone Spliff – For Every Shell
[10] Jam Baxter – Red Hawaiian
[11] MC Whiteowl – Origami feat. Smooth B
[12] Wordsworth & Pearl Gates – Live on Air feat. Rasheed Chappell
[13] Valid & Kid Vishis – Yung Bucks
[14] Wiki – Eggs
[15] Crimeapple & DJ Skizz – Pasteles
[16] Nems – 200 feat. Spit Gemz
[17] Czarface & Ghostface Killah – Face Off
[18] Ill Bill & Stu Bangas – Russo’s on the Bay feat. Vinnie Paz
[19] Hubbs – Breeze feat. Franchise
[20] Pearl Gates & Syll – Kingz feat. Blu

Total running time: 51m 15s

—- —- —- —-


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Episode no.88 by Funky Diabetic – 1200MIX

Hey yo! Nice that you found our latest podcast episode! We hope you’ll enjoy the music we’ve put together for you on this episode. You’re of course welcome to share and also if you’re in Stockholm this coming weekend I invite you to join us on our ”Blah, Blah, Blah” event going down on Saturday September 9th from 9pm to 1am on Judit & Bertil in Hornstull. Welcome!

You’ll also find this episode on Soundcloud and on Mixcloud. Check Saturdays event on Facebook.

[01] Skyzoo – Finesse Everything
[02] Aesop Rock & Homeboy Sandman – Comfy
[03] J Scienide – Ghetto feat. Kev Brown
[04] Wizdumb – So Clear feat. Specswizard & Able Fader
[05] Soulution – Still Shining feat. Bahamadia, Mr. J Medeiros & Supastition
[06] Skyzoo – Bamboo
[07] Fokis – The Pressure (Can’t Fold) feat. Torae & Guilty Simpson
[08] Chalo Neruda – D Gör Ingeting
[09] Marquee – Another Level
[10] Wizdumb – Suckaz feat. Comel 15
[11] Blacastan & Stu Bangas – Delete feat. Ill Bill, Rasheed Chappell, Nems, & DJ 7l (remix)
[12] Talib Kweli & Styles P – Let It Burn feat. Rapsody & Chris Rivers
[13] Aliano x Jakk Wonders – Out for they Own
[14] Molecules & Showbiz – Hardcore feat. Dres
[15] Asun Eastwood – Same Hustle
[16] Apathy & O.C. – Live from the Iron Curtain
[17] Rapsody – The Pain
[18] Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire – Bebop and Rocksteady feat. Meyhem Lauren
[19] SuKaFrE (Git & Mr. Live) – Can’t Take No More

Total running time: 54m 46s

—- —- —- —-