Episode no.112 by Funky Diabetic – 1200MIX

We hope you’ll enjoy the content in this small package we’ve put together for this occasion. Besides the great tunes provided you’ll also find an invitation to celebrate with us the fact that its been a decade since we begun playing records at Judit & Bertil. Since 2011 we’ve been playing lots of hip-hop vinyl and really having a great time while doing so. Welcome!

[01] Bomb The Bass – Bug Powder Dust (La Funk Mob Remix)
[02] Atmosphere – Pressed feat. Anwar HighSign, BlackLiq, Sa-Roc, Haphduzn & Lateef the Truthspeaker
[03] People Under The Stairs – Step Off
[04] De La Soul – Vocabulary Spills (remix) feat. Consequence
[05] DJ Revolution – Casualties Of Tour feat. Rakaa Iriscience
[06] John Hendicott – Trip Wire Beat
[07] Mr. Lif – Folklore feat. Dumbtron & Vinnie Paz
[08] STOR – Lite… Kärlek… feat. Seinabo Sey
[09] Sean Price & Small Professor – Refrigerator P feat. Rock & DJ Revolution (original mix)
[10] DJ Revolution – School feat. Planet Asia
[11] Ghostface Killah – Nutmeg feat. RZA
[12] Dogbite & Chad Bogus – VÅG feat. Sammy Bennett
[13] Prefuse 73 – Black List feat. MF DOOM & Aesop Rock
[14] People Under the Stairs – Acid Raindrops
[15] Artifacts – Who’s This
[16] eLZhi – Transitional Joint
[17] Large Professor – Light Years

Total running time: 48m 46s

—- —- —- —-


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