The Legion – ”1980 Something”

Diceman, Molecules och Chucky Smash hyllar eran som formade dem i ”1980 Something”. Spåret hör ni också i senaste 1200MIX avsnittet som bjuder på några fetingar från 2018. ”1980 Something” är ett av spåren från The Legions kommande skiva ”Three The Bronx Way”. Förvänta er att skivan släpps på vinyl dock fortfarande oklart när. Under 2018 släpptes singeln ”1980” på vinyl (7″) via Ill Adrenaline Records.

Episode no.94 by Funky Diabetic – 1200MIX

Thanks for hitting us up! If you’ve followed us long enough you’ve noticed episodes come less often now days. Trying to take care of family and everything else makes it hard to find enough time to search good music for new podcast episodes. However, do not think this blog is another one about to be terminated! We won’t quit!
We hope you enjoy the music and please do share to your loved ones! In case you didn’t know Von Pea & The Other Guys just released a dope album called ”I’m Good Luv, Enjoy”. Another album I strongly recommend is Kev Brown’s ”Homework”. Keep eyes and ears open for Rakim Al-Jabbaar! I expect you to already know about Skyzoo’s and Evidence’s!? Check out Sean Price & Illa Ghee’s wicked ”Metal Detectors” and if you dig Swedish hip-hop check Rikard ”Skizz” Bizzi’s new released ”Ur Funktion 3”.
Thanks to Ladybug Mecca, Vinnie P aka Vinnie Paz, MAR, A-Alikes, Menteroja, Skyzoo, & Mr Green for the drops!

[01] Black Sheep – Fugitup
[02] DJ Skizz – High-Powered feat. iFresh, Jakk Frost, Lil Fame & Vinnie Paz
[03] Sean Price & Illa Ghee – The Bryan Song feat. Rim
[04] Rikard ”Skizz” Bizzi – Snabb Matte
[05] Lil Fame – Say Nothin
[06] Skyzoo – Heirlooms & Accessories
[07] Rakim Al-Jabbaar – Supertight feat. Flower Child
[08] Daniel Son – Let It Go
[09] Waterr – Lottery Plate feat. Recognize Ali [Remix]
[10] Von Pea & The Other Guys – Get Well Soon feat. Donwill
[11] Menteroja – Vi Ägde Världen
[12] Rez4real – Last Daze
[13] Kev Brown – Headlining
[14] Evidence – Bad Publicity feat. Krondon
[15] 緑 & Westside Gunn – Part Deux
[16] Meyhem Lauren – 5 Wagon feat. Action Bronson
[17] The Legion – 1980 Something
[18] Mic Handz – Point of Return feat. Tragedy Khadafi & Sadat X
[19] Kev Brown – Under-Rated (Bonus Track)

Total running time: 50m 15s

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Episode no.82 by Funky Diabetic – 1200MIX


Share and spread the latest podcast episode of! Check out the Beneficence record ”Basement Chemistry”. Also check out Tha Addicts! Their albums continue to be free downloads! ”Furious Styles” by Reef the Lost Cauze & Bear-One is a dope album too! Thanks to Akbar for the drop! Last but not least…gotta love the ”Beautiful Night” track by De La Soul! Welcome to share the soundcloud link if you like!

[01] DJ Joe Bodega – Mentally Decapitated feat. UG, Sean Price & Sadat X
[02] WestSide Gunn – Pissy Work feat. Benny
[03] Sadat X – Maybe It’s Me feat. Dres
[04] Powerule – Employees of the Year
[05] The Higher Up – FDYM
[06] White Owl – Pickle Juice
[07] Defari – West Up!!!!
[08] Tha Addicts – Irregular Regulars feat. Keynote of The Bodega Brovas
[09] Tenchoo & Ill Move Sporadic – Gimme Room
[10] De La Soul – Beautiful Night feat. Dave West
[11] Reef the Lost Cauze & Bear-One – Larry David
[12] Junior Makhno – Al Swearengemz feat. Spit Gemz
[13] Nutso – Live Respect Live
[14] I-Cue – Nu Era feat. Akbar
[15] Blak Flag – Revolvers
[16] Black Thought – Making a Murderer feat. Styles P
[17] Reef the Lost Cauze & Bear-One – You Know Me Well
[18] Blaq Poet – Eternal Flames feat. Tragedy Khadafi
[19] Beneficence – Blast This $hit! feat. El Da Sensei
[20] D.I.T.C. – Connect 3 feat. Diamond D, A.G. & O.C.

Total running time: 54m 07s

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