Episode no.102 by Funky Diabetic – 1200MIX

This is episode no.102 – the last episode for this year. Thank you all for a great 2019! We hope you’ve had a great year and that 2020 is another great one for you and yours!
*Below you’ll find the now full playlist of episode no.102. Enjoy! Much love to you all! See you in 2020! Peace!

[01] Schoolly D – Saturday Night
[02] Godfather Don – Rip Dat
[03] Deda – Blah Uno
[04] Adriana Evans – Reality
[05] Maylay Sparks – Unusual Styles feat. Chief Kamachi
[06] Phat Kat – Dedication To The Suckers
[07] Ray Bryant – Up Above the Rock
[08] Yancey Boys – Lovin’ U feat. Eric Roberson
[09] DJ Jazzy Jeff – Are You Ready? feat. Slum Village
[10] Bumpy Knuckles – Bumpy Bring It Home feat. Billy Danz (M.O.P.)
[11] Jehst – Give It Here feat. Klashnekoff & Lewis Parker
[12] Digable Planets – Where I’m From (Remix)
[13] Lakim Shabazz – Pure Righteousness
[14] Stetsasonic – Go Stetsa I
[15] Binary Star – New Hip Hop feat. Senim Silla & One Be Lo
[16] Sound Directions – Dice Game
[17] Cut Beetlez – Bad News feat. The Good People
[18] Sadat X – The Great Diamond D feat. Heltah Skeltah
[19] Jemini The Gifted One – Funk Soul Sensation
[20] T-Love – I’m Comin’
[21] Jurassic 5 – Unified Rebelution

Total running time: 53m 03s

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Episode #61 by Funky Diabetic – 1200MIX


Eight years have passed since the death of Jay Dee. This is our second tribute to celebrate the life and the music of J Dilla. This particular mix consists mostly of music released during the last years of Dilla’s life. This music, and in particular the hard drums, made me visit record shops regularly asking for everything and anything released by Jay Dee!
Enjoy the music and if you like to give a listen to our previous Jay Dee tribute please click here! R.I.P. Dilla!

[01] Jaylib – ”The Official”
[02] J Dilla – ”Nothing Like This”
[03] J Dilla – ”Smack a Bitch”
[04] Jaylib feat. Talib Kweli – ”Raw Shit”
[05] J Dilla – ”The $”
[06] Oh No feat. Roc C – ”Move”
[07] Jaylib feat. Frank-n-Dank – ”McNasty Filth”
[08] Jay Dee feat. Frank-n-Dank – ”Pause”
[09] J Dilla – ”Safety Dance”
[10] Busta Rhymes – ”Show Me What You Got”
[11] Jaylib – ”The Red”
[12] Jaylib – ”Raw Addict”
[13] Jaylib – ”Strip Club”
[14] Jaylib – ”React”
[15] J Dilla – ”Oh Oh”
[16] Common feat. D’Angelo – ”So Far To Go”
[17] Slum Village – ”Eyes Up”
[18] J Dilla feat. Madlib – ”Tonight”
[19] Dynas – ”The Apartment”
[20] Common – ”Thelonius”
[21] Common – ”Love Is”
[22] The Pharcyde – ”She Said” (Jay Dee remix)
[23] De La Soul feat. B-Real – ”Peer Pressure”
[24] J Dilla feat. Black Thought – ”Love Moving”
[25] Busta Rhymes & J Dilla feat. Rah Digga – ”The Range”
[26] Jay Dee – ”Give It Up”
[27] Jaylib – ”The Heist”
[28] J Dilla feat. Guilty Simpson – ”Jungle Love”
[29] Akrobatik feat. Talib Kweli – ”Put Ya Stamp On It”
[30] J Dilla feat. Common – ”E=mc2”
[31] Raekwon feat. Cappadona & Ghostface Killah – ”10 Bricks”

Total running time: 1h 00m 42s

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Episode #9 by Funky Diabetic – 1200MIX

J Dilla a.k.a. Jay Dee left us in februari 2006. 32 years old, Dilla left a legacy of amazing music both as a solo artist as in his productions. This tribute is a small taste of the music Jay Dee blessed us with and that we at 1200.nu feel you should experience.
Shoutout to Raw Fusion who invited Jay Dee in 2002(?) to perform in Mosebacke, Stockholm.
In order to hear the J Dilla/Big L (R.I.P.) tribute recorded in 2009, click here!

P.S: I promise to sort out my X-fader til next time! /F.D.

[01] Busta Rhymes & J Dilla – ’Dillagence’ [prod. by J Dilla]
[02] J-88 (Slum Village) – ’The Look of Love Pt. 1’ [prod. by J Dilla]
[03] Slum Village – ’Players’ [prod. by J Dilla]
[04] Slum Village – ’Fall In Love’ [prod. by J Dilla]
[05] Common – ’Love Is’ [prod. by J Dilla]
[06] Pete Rock feat. J Dilla – ’Niggaz Know’ [prod. by Pete Rock]
[07] J Dilla – ’It’s Like That’ [prod. by J Dilla]
[08] J Dilla – ’Nothing Like This’ [prod. by J Dilla]
[09] J Dilla feat. Frank n Dank – ’Pause’ [prod. by J Dilla]
[10] Jaylib – ’The Red’  [prod. by Madlib]
[11] Jaylib – ’React’ [prod. by Madlib]
[12] B.R. Gunna feat. J Dilla – ’Do Ya Thang’ [prod. by B.R. Gunna]
[13] MED feat. J Dilla – ’Push’ [prod. by J Dilla]
[14] Dwele feat. Slum Village – ’Keep On’ [prod. by J Dilla]
[15] Oh No feat. Roc C – ’Move’ [prod. by J Dilla]
[16] Akrobatik feat. Talib Kweli – ’Put Ya Stamp On It’ [prod. by J Dilla]
[17] J Dilla – ’Y’all Ain’t Ready’ [prod. by J Dilla]
[18] The Pharcyde – ’Runnin’ [prod. by J Dilla]
[19] De La Soul – ’Stakes Is High’ [prod. by J Dilla]
[20] The Pharcyde – ’Drop’ [prod. by J Dilla]
[21] A Tribe Called Quest feat. Faith Evans – ’Stressed Out’ [prod. by The Ummah]
[22] Lucy Pearl – ’Without You’ (Jay Dee Remix)
[23] Busta Rhymes – ’Show Me What You Got’ [prod. by J Dilla]
[24] Erykah Badu – ’The Healer’ [prod. by Madlib & September Music]
[25] Ghostface Killah – ’Whip You With A Strap’ [prod. by J Dilla]
[26] Raekwon feat. Cappadonna & Ghostface – ’10 Bricks’ [prod. by J Dilla]
[27] J Dilla feat. Word Perphect – ’F*ck the Police’ (remix) [prod. by J Dilla]

Total running time: 1h 03m 33s

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